Selecting funeral merchandise is on of the most important steps when arranging a funeral service. The casket or urn you choose to hold your loved one’s remains is the final place that they will rest. We are proud to offer beautiful, high-quality funeral products to families.

Pathway Panelled Coffin


Our relationship with our loved one is unique andso are our memories. When a loved one passes, each member of the family wishes to commemorate their memory in their own way. This natural wood, biodegradable Pathway coffin allows for a truly unique and personalised send off with each family member / friend designing their own section, or each panel marking a different part of the person’s life. The Pathway coffin gives an opportunity for the family and friends to beautifully transform the coffin into a celebration of life.


To design the eight panels of the coffin, you can ask the family and friends to send their own imagery and contribute different life memories. We will mock-up a proof of what the coffin will look like for all to agree. Once approved, we will complete the design and get the bespoke coffin ready for the day of the funeral. This coffin is suitable for both cremation and burial in the UK.


Please call us to discuss your service preferences with one of our friendly funeral arrangers.

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